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SneakyFeelin have been playing around pubs and clubs now for around 17 years.The band was formed in Sheffield and the only original memberis Dave, who still runs the band and is the lead vocalist.

Sneaky have had a few line ups through the years but Dave has always managed to keep the band going except for a 18 month break at the end of 2012. The band reformed at the start of 2014. the split was due to having differences in makes of tea bags and some of the members wanted coffee. the band decided to have a break before it got really nasty and ther types of biscuits were discussed.


After the 18 month break Dave got a call from one of the bands followers telling him that one of the bands followers and friends had died and if they could do a charity gig for him The band decided to do the one off gig Which they did without hesitation.

The band enjoyed the gig and it was like they had never split.They   decided to stay together and carried on gigging they all agreed never to discuss tea bags or coffee again.


They have not looked back since.

The band are still as busy and enjoying every minute.

Sneaky were originally a 4 piece band then Dave and the rest of the band decided to have another guitarist which they did for quite some years. However when one of the guitarist decied to leave around 18 months ago the members decided to go back to a 4 piece.


Sneaky play gigs and private functions around the Notts, yorkshire and lincolnshire area of the uk and have built up a good following.They will play anywere has long as there is a decent cup of tea - ooops.


In Oct 2017 the band decided to go back to the original 5 piece set up so started putting the word about. Pete  (bass guitar) mentioned a band mamber from his band that he was running at the time.Sneaky decided to have a jam session with Derek who is now a fulltime member and who officially joined the bad in Nov 2017.  


Sneaky play a genre of rock and indie covers like,Thin Lizzy,Stereophonics, Green Day, Kasabian, Bon jovi, Free, Steppenwolf, Oasis and many more

Sneaky Feelin members are

Dave - Vocals

Gaz- Lead guitar

Pete - Bass guitar

Ian -Drums

Derek - ryth guitar 


The Band

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