Dave has been with the band from the begining and was the only original member left. He was left running the band. Dave has kept the band going for over 17 yrs. Dave has more help now with his band members on running things which he very much appreciates and feels this is a big  help. Dave says, We all have a say in Gigs ,Songs etc which i think keeps the band tight and fun. It,s not run by one person pulling the strings  which has got to be healthier for the band, maybe this is why its lasted so long. We did have a  break in 2012 but a sneaky fan 'Binny' tragically died and we were asked to do a one off charity gig which we all agreed to do. From that day we just wanted play again has friends and as a band. we didn't realise what we were missing and we really enjoyed getting back on stage and playing. So 'Binny' if your up there listening, it was you what brought sneaky back together and it's a massive thankyou mate. Sneaky have not looked back since  

Gaz / Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals 


Gaz has been in sneaky since 2008. He answered an ad when sneaky were looking for a lead guitarist. He came to see them at a place called Chesters in Chesterfield. 

He joined a week later.Gaz is far the best lead guitarist the band have had and he just loves to play.Gaz was in few bands prior to sneaky. He is 100 % commited to the band.  Gaz doesn't like oasis though but the band manage to sneak one in the set every now and then LOL. Gaz is the second longest member of the band. And hopefully will always be here. He is an inspiration to the band and sneaky haven't really looked back since he joined. Gaz is financial accountant of the band ( he shares the money out at the end of the night ). A Fantastic guitarist,He must play it in his sleep. 


There are also rumours that Gaz is the main culprit for starting the verbal abuse given to Dave .This was decided that an HR dept would have to be put together. Run by Ian.

Gaz totally denies this and pleads that he is not gulity of this alagation and requires proof. Investigations are now underway.


Ian/ Drums 

Ian joined sneaky in 2010 

He is a fantastic drummer and an asset to the band. Ian has been in many bands over the years and even been in a few while playing with sneaky but this has never been a problem,Ian has always made sneaky his no 1 priority band. 

Ian also teaches drums in his spare time  spreading his expertise to others.

Ian has an important role in the band as well has being the best drummer sneaky have ever had, he is also in charge of the bands HR department. This was set up due to complaints from Dave regarding certain band members 'Picking on him' these band members cannot be mentioned for legal reasons however they do have a few guitars between them.

Ian is not very good at the HR job (funny That) but always says it will be investgated (when marshans land on he earth and sing smack my bitch up by the prodigy).

Keep thems toms banging matey 


Pete/ Bass /Backing vocals 


Pete joined the band in 2015 replacing  another player called Pete. This is when sneaky made a decision to become a 4 piece instead of a 5 piece.

Pete also runs another band in his home town of Newark but is dedicated to the Sneaky Band. 


Pete is a very important asset to the band bringing his fanatastic playing ability and wit.

Since Pete joined the band they had to set up the HR dept but says this is just a coincidence (yeah right ) and does not know anything about verbal abuse to another member of the band 


Pete brings a different type of energy on the stage and he is relaxed and laid back while playing.

He has a brilliant sound and is a confident player and also fits into the band with perfection. Sneaky Hopes this continues for a very long time.Pete is a fantastic asset to the band and he loves the banter. 


Derek / Guitar

Derek has been playing guitar since he was a grubby little ginger kid in the North East, always a die hard Van Halen, Motorhead and UFO fan, not to mention AC/DC in the early days with the legendary Bonn Scott.


His first band was in the sixth form playing punk covers and some of his own material, formerly in the three piece Perfect Heathens with fellow Sneaky’s bassist Pete, now looking forward to being a part of the Sneaky Feelin family. Derek joined sneaky in Nov 2017 and has already made a positive impact on the bands sound and we hope this will continue for years to come.


 His relaxed playing.......Noooo